allergic to reality, compelled by fiction...

allergic to reality, compelled by fiction...

  1. hello my eternally happy month! 
hello smiles, happiness and pure bliss 😊😄👸💖💋🎊
#September #birthmonth

    hello my eternally happy month!
    hello smiles, happiness and pure bliss 😊😄👸💖💋🎊
    #September #birthmonth

  2. haleb in 5a

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    We’ve absolutely LOVED seeing your #LiveForLove fan art. Here are the 1st and 2nd place winners of last week’s contest.

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    "Ich habe mich in dich verliebt, Gwendolyn. Ich weiß, wir kennen uns nicht mal eine Woche und am Anfang fand ich dich auch reichlich…kindisch und wahrscheinlich habe ich mich dir gegenüber auch wie ein Ekel verhalten. […] Manchmal würde ich dich einfach nur gerne schütteln. Aber dann bist du wieder so witzig und klug und unbeschreiblich süß. Und das Schlimmste ist: Du musst nur im gleichen Raum sein und schon habe ich das Bedürfnis, dich zu berühren und zu küssen.

    This week in German cinemas: Saphirblau, the sequal to Rubinrot, based on the novels by Kerstin Gier!

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    If I Stay the best day promo (x)

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  6. Bad-track busted! (x)

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  8. I trust these girls with my life.

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    Spoby 03x14║Haleb 05x10 

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  10. Vote for #GRETCHEN to be printed on a #Coke! Visit to vote ☺👍 #ShareACoke #bottle

    Vote for #GRETCHEN to be printed on a #Coke! Visit to vote ☺👍 #ShareACoke #bottle

  11. "You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and who can protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing-on-air happy" Alex Stewart

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  12. Every Girl’s Fantasy | Marissa Meyer


    “He was the fantasy of every girl in the country.

    He was so far out of realm, her world, that she should have stopped thinking about him the second the door had closed. Should stop thinking about him immediately. Should never think about him again, except maybe as a client - and her prince.


    And yet, the memory of his fingers against her skin refused to fade.” 

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  13. Saphirblau Trailer (with English subs)


  14. Hic rhodus hic salta

    Hic rhodus hic salta

  15. International Book Covers: Edelstein Trilogie, Kerstin Gier

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